I work on an ad hoc, project or retainer basis as a freelance marketing, communications and writing professional – and can help plan, implement and manage your online and offline programs as needed to help you reach and influence your key target audiences and grow your market share and profits.

This includes:


  • Strategic planning
  • Promotional planning
  • Project management and implementation of initiatives
  • Online marketing
  • Sourcing and managing your third party marketing and communications partners to provide a single point of contact
  • Optimise Plus services extend to offering graphic design, packaging design, web development, emailing and tracking of e-newsletters and email campaigns, digital printing, cd replication and more


  • Strategic planning
  • Creating key messages to build your brand
  • Public Relations
  • General writing (as listed below)
  • Publicity initiatives
  • Sponsorship leverage
  • Product placement
  • Competitions
  • Expos
  • Events
  • Social Media
  • Content strategy and generation
  • Writing and editing all online and offline marketing content and communications including:
    • Website copy (with focus on search engine optimisation)
    • E-mailers
    • E-newsletters
    • Social media conversations
    • Press releases/articles
    • Advertorials
    • New product blurbs/news snippets
    • Brochures/pamphlets
    • Standard corporate communication templates and newsletters
    • Packaging copy
  • Emailing and tracking of e-newsletter and email campaigns

I manage a team of carefully selected Cape Town based promoters that I utilise for events that I am involved in, at exceptional rates.

Extended network
For projects that need extra capacity, I have a network of experienced freelance partners that I team up with to deliver the results you need.